I’ve recently been nominated for 4 blog awards !

It makes me happy to see that people are enjoying reading my blog : I put a lot of heart in the photos I take and the recipes I write, because I really care about baking delicious pies and cakes 😀

I’ve noticed that these awards have basically the same rules: you receive them, you post about them, about yourself, about the reasons why you blog, and about a few blogs that you enjoy reading.

I created this blog because I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking. I’ve also always enjoyed taking photos. And then one day I realised that every so often, I would take photos of the things I had cooked, and that I would enjoy it greatly. And so I thought, « Why not blog about it? ». Besides, I figured having a blog would be a convenient way to share my recipes and make sure I would not lose them. It also helps me to put down my recipes more regularly.

About blogs I like and random things about me, I’ve talked about this less than a month ago when I received the Versatile Blogger Award. I wouldn’t feel comfortable listing other blogs for now because I really wouldn’t know which to talk about, and it wouldn’t feel right to just hand out blogger awards to blogs that I would barely know.



16 réflexions sur “Awards

  1. Mom, you’ve got another award : The Best Mom award!
    Let’s face it : I’ve never seen better photos than yours, never tasted better cakes than yours… And you’re there every day for us : your 5 little monsters (ok, maybe a little big though).
    I mean, who would not dream to have such a Maman? (I know, I’m making everyone jealous…)
    Je t’aime,
    Ta puce Nathalie

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